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Logs centralized

Lots of objects (computer, smart TV, smartwatch, smartphone, connected objet, ...) belonging to a client can be using the same project. This project, if granted the permission by the client, can log some data - in particular about potential crashes and errors. It is more convenient to have a centralized logging database to handle all the logs. This is the purpose of this initiative.

Start by creating a user. You will be sent a key at your email address. Use this key along with some HTTPS calls to start centralizing your logs. Visit this page with your user name and key to view your logs. Note that this site does not use any cookie.

Please note that the server can store a maximum of 100 logs per user. Once this limit is reached, the oldest logs are deleted to make room for the newest. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to increase this limit.
The maximum length of each log message is 1700.


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If you forgot your user or key, please enter your email address and send to receive your details by email.

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